Thursday, 29 April 2010

what's in a name?

I'm resting my leg today, and good lord I am SO BORED! Last night I was so sore I could hardly bend my leg, walking upstairs was a real mission and trying to get my leg in to bed took both hands and a lot of effort. Sleep seems to have done the trick though, it's far better today...just a twinge now really. There is a real silver lining to all this: the only reason the fall hurt is because I fell awkwardly on it and pulled a muscle. I didn't hurt my knees or wrists in the slightest (yay for my pads!). This means that if I had fallen correctly it would have been totally painless, therefore there is no reason to be afraid of falling!

So, while I've got my leg propped up and have nothing but time on my hands I'm going to start thinking about a derby name. The name is an important part of being a derby girl: it's a unique persona, and no two are the same. This alter-ego is who you are on the track, and allows you to leave Jane the housewife/mother/daughter/employee behind and kick some serious ass. All this being said, I'm struggling to think of anything punchy enough. So far I have:

Cheri Von Scarring
Nina Hate (in tribute to my favorite alt pin-up and clothing designer, Nina Kate of Jane Doe latex)
Anna Cleavers (a bit like Ann of Cleaves...just popped in to my head while I was at the gym one day)

What do you guys think?

I know the number I want though- 86. I work on A6 and it sounds similar (and it's a trauma ward, how appropriate!)

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