Sunday, 9 January 2011

game on!

Today was our first training session back after the Christmas hiatus. I'd been to a few free skate sessions, just to get my wheels back under me, but OH MY GOD. The pain! The blocking! The ENDURANCE!!

Yeah, I pretty much thought I was going to die. Big props to Peril Flynn who kept shouting at me to keep going. Apparently I respond well to shouting. Who knew?

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Only problem was, during the endurance my skates had rubbed a massive, horrible hole in my foot. OW OW OW. And it was time to scrimmage. DOUBLE OW OW OW!!

The scrimmage itself was a mixture of awesome and absolute suck. There were moments when I did really cool stuff (like knocking BB Bombshell out of bounds. OK, it must've been an accident and she quickly got back in the game...but hell, I'm still proud!) and balancing on one leg, Urrk'n Jerk'n style-ee as Kid Block hit me.

(photo by the AMAZING Joe Rollerfan, Oly vs Rocky Mountain at Western Regionals)

She even came up to me after to tell me how impressed she was by that, which totally made my day. Then I was blocker 2 with BB Bombshell in the next line-up, and I was so obsessed with guarding the inside line that I didn't pay attention to where BB was. Which wound up with her yelling at me, which is fair. I wasn't where I was needed. Will be working on this in future sessions.

So...all in all training was a mixed bag. There were bits of awesome, and bits of fail. Still, I came out at 6 with a big smile on my face...because no matter how much derby causes me to sweat/bleed/lose foot skin/lose sleep/want to cry, I love it more and more each week.

I'm in this for the long haul, baby. And I'm upping my game.

Until next time, sports fans...

Trauma xxx

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