Monday, 3 January 2011

new year's revolutions...

Happy new year all! I hope you had a wonderful time drinking, dancing, or just chilling out at home. Whatever you did, I hope you had fun! Mine was spent in the company of good friends, excellent food and plenty of booze. I went easy on the sauce though becuase I had work the next day...and doing a 10 hour shift with a hangover isn't good.

So, moving away from the excesses of the festive season brings us straight in to new year's resolutions. I gave up smoking a few years ago (yay!) and for the past few years my resolution has simply been to keep not smoking. Sounds silly, but it is hard for me. While I was never a 20-a-day gal, whenever I'm faced with stress/boredom/beer I want a cigarette. And there is no denying I am heavier than when I smoked. But now...just the thought of how much I would suffer at training is enough to make me put down the lighter. So, this year I'm looking at making some different changes to my life. And yes, a lot of them are derby related!

1. Kick start my fitness. What with being ill and missing training in November/December, I am UNFIT. Like, horribly so. It really hit home yesterday during a freeskate session with my leauge how out of shape I am. I was happily pottering around the outside of the hall, watching everyone else...and I felt a little like I'd forgotton how to skate. My dynamic movement was little to none (in fact, I accidentally locked wheels with another skater, sending us both to the floor. FAIL. UTTER FAIL.)and don't even talk about my stance: any more upright and I'd be on my damn toestops. This has GOT to change. So, I've signed myself up to the 'Roller Derby Workout Challenge' to start eating right and give myself a proper kick up the backside when it comes to my leg/core strength. I did the DVD this morning and almost died during the core section...but I figure if I do this 2/3 times a week then by the end of the 8 weeks I should be a)able to finish the whole thing with my skates on and b) a lean, mean derby MACHINE.

2. Get out of my own head and stop worrying so damned much. I've always been a bit of a neurotic, but recently my rediculous unfounded fears and self-criticism has hit an all-time high. So, enough of this shit already. I'm going so start daily positive affirmations and all that jazz. If that doesn't work...

3. Start doing my damn physio exercises. I've been lax of late, and my knees are protesting in response. This should feed nicley in to perfecting the thigh-burning derby stance I so badly need.

4. Finish the scarf I've been knitting for oh, about 2 years. Yes, I like to knit! It's very relaxing, even if I suck at it (hmmm...kind of like with derby!) and I've never learned more than one type of stitch.

So, that's my list.

Over and out!



  1. You can do it Jo. I feel a bit behind and like I'm dragging my feet, and I won't be able to skate the whole of February either (sob) so I need to get on the fitness. If we check up on each other weekly maybe it will be encouraging?

  2. This is a good plan Jen :) my will power is pretty crap, so having someone to do this with will totally keep me on track! xx